Top 5 Budget Friendly Asian Countries that should be on your Check-list!


There are a number of Asian countries that don’t lie outside of the budget of average Indian traveller. This article summarises the top five such destinations, throws light on why the destinations offer a unique experience to its visitor and what all to visit as you plan your itinerary.

Most of us dream to travel the world with our loved ones – and yet most of us feel restrained while turning our dream into reality – reason being Budget. Though India has a beautiful and awe-inspiring landscape, there is a different kind of charisma associated with foreign land that we all want to explore. But, here’s the good news! We have donned our research hats and have come up with top 5 Asian countries which are not only in your budget but also saves you the documentation effort by giving you travel visa on arrival to Indian Travellers!

  1. Vietnam – Vietnam is nothing short of a paradise – its ancient architecture, stunning museums, tropical islands, local-fairs, beautiful temples, wildlife tours and exotic food culture – make it the most sought-after travel hub in Asia. You can opt to stay in high-end luxurious resorts or also pick backpacker’s hostels where per day tariff is less than thousand INR. Places that you need to keep on your list while in Vietnam are: Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Long Bay, Phú Quốc Island, Củ Chi tunnels, etc.
  2. Sri Lanka – Our long-ignored southern neighbour, with rich culture and remarkable history, offers you a chance to explore its treasures. Sri Lanka is bestowed with beautiful beaches, dazzling tea-plantations and wildlife sanctuaries. You should visit Colombo, Dambadeniya, Temple of the Tooth, Dambulla Cave Temple, Adam’s Park, Horton Plains National Park, Gale Fort and Hakgala Botanical Garden.
  3. Indonesia – One of the cheapest countries to visit, Indonesia is go-to-destination for us Indians. It is the world’s largest archipelago state and has a lot to offer. From sandy beaches to active volcanoes, from high-peak mountain treks to deep-sea water sports – Indonesia is a complete package. Its Capital, Bali, the most popular hub of the country, has temples as old as 300 years and contrastingly also draws people to its trendy bars, hip cafes and local cuisine restaurants.
  4. Thailand – Thailand is the perfect mélange of sky-high cityscape and beautifully sculpted ancient temples. Its turquoise waters, tempting Thai-cuisine, lively nightlife and famous spas – all make Thailand a very appealing travel destination. Two things which should definitely be on your list while in Thailand are Floating Market Tour and Phuket Water Sports. Other attractions include Pattaya, Phi Phi Islands, Chiang Mai and Golden Triangle.
  5. Singapore – Singapore was long considered merely as a dormant stopover for long-hauled international flights like American Airlines, Qatar Airways, and many others. But, the view has changed drastically, and Indians now visit Singapore for sightseeing the ultra-modern cityscape, shopping, local culture and lively neighbourhoods. Places not to miss while travelling to Singapore are Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Marina Bay, Jurong Bird Park and Clarke Quay.

Since these destinations offer a multitude of choices and are nonetheless affordable, you can consider these for your holiday plans. Moreover, there are plenty of flights like Mumbai to Singapore flights, or Delhi to Bali flights, which fly quite frequently to ensure that you can plan your trip with utmost flexibility. Happy vacationing!!