Tips and Tricks for a 400+ Score on the BITSAT 2018


BITSAT is the abbreviated term for Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test which guarantees admission into the B.Tech courses in the prestigious university of BITS PILANI. Among all the private engineering colleges in India, BITS PILANI happens to rank at the top which also makes it the dream institute for innumerable students all across the country. Apart from the BITS PILANI campus, the country takes pride in its other two campuses at KK Birla Goa and Hyderabad.

Besides the academic excellence and stunning infrastructure, it also takes pride in producing the best out of every student. Where cracking such a reputed examination seems tough, abiding by a steady schedule and building concrete confidence can surely help students secure a decent grade in the exam. Hence, let us know the important tips and tricks to hit an impressive score of 400+ in one of the toughest engineering examination of the country.

  • ‌Schedule An Effective Study Plan

Having a perfect study plan for any examination does half the work. Students are advised to have a strategic approach towards preparation on a regular basis. This will help you have a good perspective and not panic at the last minute. Besides, managing your time efficiently will be possible only through strategic planning and regular practice.

  • ‌Daily Practice

After having a planned study schedule, the primary focus should be made on practicing as much as possible. Regularly practicing the important concepts and under-prepared-chapters helps students get thoroughly accustomed to the format and pattern of the examination. This directly reduces the chances of making frequent mistakes, which thereby helps the students gain perfection as well as confidence.

  • ‌Regular Mock Tests

Taking precise mock tests on a daily basis undoubtedly helps the students get more than 400 score in the BITSAT. By providing a detailed analysis of the progression, mock tests help in filling the loopholes in the preparation of the students. This means students will revise the topics and chapters for umpteenth number of times which would mend the weaker portions in the real examination.

  • Revise

Learning a chapter, and practicing daily might also not help if not thoroughly revised. Revising the fundamentals and analyzing the portions, that needs extra stress, is equally important and should be taken into consideration by every student who wishes to crack the BITSAT 2018.

  • Personalization

Last but not the least; personalized attitude towards preparing for an examination will surely do the needful. In the end, it depends on the student’s devotion and dedication to prepare with intricate self-analysis and excel with flying colors in the honorable exam of BITSAT 2018.


The procedure for the forthcoming examination this year has begun. The BITSAT application form 2018 had released on the 19th of December in the year 2017, which should be thoroughly p[reserved by the appearing candidate until the date of admission. The last date of submitting the application is on 13th of March 2018, the time being 5:00 PM. Henceforth, students will be given time for correction from the 15th of March to the 19th of March, 2018.

Every examination based on a national or international level is tough because of the extreme competition that involves lakhs of students. However, by preparing well and having the required confidence, cracking BITSAT 2018 is never impossible.