SuggestionsFor What To See In Borneo Island


For now, let’s talk about what to see in Borneo if you have some ideas to visit this island for travel. But before that, maybe we need to reveal some information’s about this island. About Borneo, Borneo is large island in Asia which largest part of the land in this island included in Indonesia territory. Majority land in this island itself is rain forest which is home of many species of flora and fauna. In this island, there are many rare species of flora and fauna. In addition this island have very large rain forest and the home of many species of flora and fauna, Borneo also has very wonderful nature.

Because it’s wonderful nature, Borneo has many places that worth to visit for travel. Many places with wonderful nature will become great platform for your adventure. There are many wonder to be discover in this island for you to captured. There are also wonderful and unique cultural heritage to be discover in this island. So if you interested to travel to Borneo, this is somewhat to see in Borneo recommendationsfor you.

  1. Wonderful Park, Alun-Alun Kapuas


Alun-Alun Kapuas is very wonderful park with beautiful scenery especially at

night. This place is one of the most chosen destinations for many tourists at Borneo. In this place, there are very beautiful waterfall which can give you refreshing atmosphere on your travel. In addition to beautiful waterfall, there are also magnificent giant fountain in this place. When you come to this place at night, you will discover wonderful, beautiful, and magnificent view of golden waterfall and fountain.

  1. Beautiful Beach, PasirPanjang

PasirPanjang is one of beach you can visit at BorneoIsland. But PasirPanjangundoubtly is one of the most beautiful beach you can visit in this island. PasirPanjang name come from Indonesian language which mean “long sand”. The condition of this beach is self very appropriate with its name, which is very long coastline with beautiful sea scenery. This beach is very suitable to become your travel destination if you come with your family.

  1. Romantic Lake, Labuan Cermin

Labuan Cermin is the name of lake in Borneo with very unique characteristic. This lake have very unique characteristic which in the lake there are two kind of water. The water on the topmost of the lake is normal water, whereas the lowermost of the lake is salt water. The unique place of this lake is these two types of water are not fused but separated each other and forming some kind of mist on the water. The water on the lake itself is very clear. With this wonderful characteristic, Labuan Cerminbecomes very romantic place to visit in Borneo.

  1. Nature Wonder, Tanjung Putting

Tanjung Putting is wonderful national park in Borneo. In this national park, the main icons in this place is orangutan. The place itself is the most suitable destination to visit with family.

That’s was what to see in Borneosuggestionswe can give for you to help your travel in Borneo. Please be sure to come to BorneoIsland if you want to experience wonderful travel with many memorable experiences. Let’s travel to Borneo island and visit many wonderful places in this beautiful island.