Simple and Quick Ways to Flip a Video


Oftimes we shoot the videos of our friends and family members using our smartphone or other portable gadgets. After doing so, many a time, we find that the videos have got wrong orientations. As a result, we especially kids face problems in watching it. Although we still can watch it by tipping our heads to the side, but we don’t feel comfortable in watching it in such a position, right?

However, you can fix up this issue by knowing how to rotate a video. Do you think that it’s a Herculean task? Are you looking for some tips regarding how to do it easily? Then go through this article carefully, and you will get all your questions answered in it. Let’s start reading.

Various Ways of Rotating Videos

  • The first step is to select the video you want to rotate. Specify the orientation which the video presently has. Now choose the orientation you have desired. Hit the ‘Start’ icon, and get the proper orientation of the video quickly and that too with an enhanced quality.
  • If you want to rotate your video on the phone, then you have to click on the device of ‘rotate video.’ If you don’t have any such application on your phone, then you have to download it at first by going to the App store and then typing on the search bar ‘rotate video’. Or, if you have shot the video using your camera having HD technology, then to get the orientation of that video properly, you will have to convert it to iPad, iPhone or Android by using a potent video converter tool if your selected video is not in the format which makes it compatible.

After rotating your video to the angle you wanted, don’t forget to save it.

Applications of Video Rotating

  • The necessity to rotate a video arises mainly when we shoot a video using smartphones or cameras. To set your video to a proper angle, you should clearly know the process of doing it through different devices using different video rotators.
  • To give your shot video some outstanding effects, video rotating tools perform superbly.

The wide range of video rotators that you can easily get online or brick and mortar stores are user-friendly. Even if you face any problem after buying it, you should immediately get it replaced by launching your complaint against that online company or directly visiting the offline store. Now, one video rotator is quickly replacing the older one in the market. It’s always better to go for a free version and then try it out. If it meets your requirements, then only you should go to buy its paid version. I would like to recommend Movavi video software, which is one of the best video editing software in the market. So, before making up your mind, you should seek for some reference from your friends who have used it, or do an extensive research on how to rotate a video and the various video rotating tools available in the market.

Now, giving your video the rotation you were craving for is absolutely easy and affordable.