Scoring Family Vacations for Less


When you are the kind of person who goes out on business trips often, it can be easy to forget that sometimes you need to manage your own budget. Out on a business trip, everything is organized for you ahead of time and you do not need to pay any mind to scoring the best deals. You may know it is possible, but be slightly in the dark as to how your company’s travel agents always seem to score such great rates. The ace up their sleeve is a new partnership that has recently come out in the open.

An old favorite, Hotwire, has recently partnered with Groupon to bring a new approach to scoring the best deals possible for customers. When you visit Hotwire, you already benefit from receiving better deals on flights, car rentals, air travel, and more. But when you take advantage of the new joint effort by Groupon and Hotwire, you have access to even better discounts.

Right now, Hotwire and Groupon are coming together to offer 60% off hot rate 4+ star hotels, 60% off economy cars, and many more deals and coupons. Of course, Hotwire and Groupon are constantly updating these offerings, too, so you can keep scoring on new deals all of the time, and do not need to ever worry that you have missed the boat on getting access to great deals.

Make sure to take a break from your busy business schedule and pencil some family time into your planner. When you are figuring out the next family vacation, take a page out of your company’s travel agency’s notebook and make use of the partnership between Hotwire and Groupon. Since you will be traveling on your dime, and not someone else’s money, you will want to take advantage of every savings opportunity at your fingertips.

Hotwire and Groupon are certainly offering the best deals around, so take advantage of these coupons and the many more that will be coming your way from now and into the future. Traveling will never seem as affordable and easy as when you are taking advantage of Hotwire’s great deals.