All You Need To Know Before Updating The Plugins On Your WordPress Site

Things to before updating wordpress plugins

WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms with its extensive list of features and benefits. Amongst these are the powerful WordPress plugins, which enable developers to bring in additional functionalities to an existing website. The potential these offer is unmatched as they are capable of adding value to the user experience on a website. The platform brings thousands of free plugins and an equally large number of premium ones, and there is also an option of building custom ones for adding unique functionalities.

With such a large number of existing plugins, it is hard to imagine why any business would engage professional WordPress plugin developers in India or abroad to create custom ones. However, there are reasons good enough to justify. Primarily, it ensures that you get specialized ones that are tailored to your specific needs, nothing more and nothing less. Secondly, the developers play a key role in updating the WordPress plugins when there is a need. Even if you are availing professional expertise for the job, but you still need to know everything about the update process to get optimal results.

What is the need for plugin update?
The use of plugins is imperative for creating rich and powerful WordPress websites. However, you would not expect that these can be simply forgotten after being installed as a part of WordPress customization services. They often get regular updates that need to be taken care of so that the site performance is not hampered in any way.

  • There may be compatibility issues for the outdated plugins with the WordPress core and other plugins and themes as well.
  • Newer versions generally bring in bug fixes and an update ensures that you get resolution for these issues.
  • Most importantly, timely updates keep your website secure as well as on top of performance.

Now that the significance of plugin update has been recognized, you need to ensure that your developer team fulfills the requirement whenever there is one lined up. While they would look after the technical aspects, there are some best practices that you should know about wordpress plugins so that you can assure adherence to them.

  • Plugin Update Best Practices
    Take a backup before initiating: It is crucial to back up your site before you initiate the update process as there is always a risk of an update being erroneous or some other challenge coming up. With a back up in place, you can recover the old version if there is a need.
  • Avoid doing it at peak time: Choose the right (“off-peak”) time to perform them as update-related issues during the peak traffic hours can cause loss to the site. It can hamper user experience and reduce conversions as well.
  • Go one at a time: If you have a long list of WordPress plugin updates to take up, go slow with one at a time. Doing them all together is risky as you will not be unable to identify the troublemaker if something goes awry.
  • Test updates locally first: Set up a staging site for local testing and test updates there first before installing them on the live site so that the issues with them are resolved before the worse happens.
  • Consider waiting for reviews: Another good idea is to wait a bit and get first-hand reviews about a new update. The first few weeks are enough to get a fair feedback about the performance as well as issues reported by the early adopters. However, you can do this only for the non-priority plugins as the ones that involve a crucial update, like that related to security, cannot be postponed.
  • Think before setting auto-update: Setting up an auto-update for installing plugin updates may be a time saver but this may not be the best option when it comes to reliability and dependability.

Keeping the entire WordPress plugins on your site updated is the secret to securing high performance and security for it. However, you would need a trusted technology partner to ensure that the process is completed to perfection. WordPress India is a leading WordPress development company in India that offers end-to-end services to create, customize, and maintain high-performance WordPress websites.