Moving Money Globally and Locally


You’d think with all the online money transfer services available no one would have use for Western Union.  And you’d be quite wrong.  Western Union is not just for singing telegrams anymore.  Since its beginning in 1851 the company has been a leader in payment services and communications.  Western Union movesmore than 150 billion dollars annuallyto help people and businesses stay connected.  From global corporations to families in the remote areas of the world, Western Union has pay-out options through mobile, digital and retail channels designed to meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses.  And they continue to innovate.  Now you can use Groupon to access savings on Western Union services and products.  Through Groupon you can save money on Western Union services like money transfers which can start as little as $4.99.

They have 500,000 agents, kiosks and ATM’s available to meet your needs and can help you send money, pay for goods and services and faster than ever before.  They have an extensive network of providers that even get money to inmates in prisons around the country.

Many people don’t think of prisoners have having a need for money because they assume that everything is provided for them.  But beyond the bare necessities of toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, toilet paper and soap, little more is provided.  The inmate must rely on family and friends to provide them with money to supplement the pay they receive from work on the inside.  This is where Western Union comes in.  They make it possible for families to provide funds for such staples as shampoo, deodorant, commissary food and snacks.  Money on the “books” helps pay for telephone time and other forms of communication.

Between state prisons, federal prisons and local jails, more than 2 million people are locked up on any given day. Each belongs to a family or social network that affects millions more. Bringing services to this large population, that’s greater than the total population of some U.S. states, requires a lot of commerce.  Western Union has ways of serving these populations. Studies show that when inmates maintain relationships with family and friends, they are less likely to be repeat offenders.  So turn to Western Union to send money and use Groupon to save more of it when you need to move money to anyone, anywhere in the world.