How to Maintain Safety in Cooling Towers?


When an industry is set, a cooling tower is built with utmost care and is considered as one of the main components of the plant that helps maintain the safety in a great way. The tower is an important part of the thermal power stations, petrochemical plants, etc. to eliminate excess heat from the system. This is done by utilizing the evaporation process and water to extract the heat from the system and release it to offer a cooler environment inside the plant. With time, the cooling tower faces some hardships of the environment, which contributes to the wear and tear of the tower. In order to avoid that and increase the longevity of the tower, cooling tower maintenance is of high importance.

Maintaining the Safety of the Cooling Tower

The tower is of extreme importance but can help dwell various harmful bacteria like Legionella. This is caused due to the accumulation of debris and pollutants in the basin of the tower. If a strict routine of the maintenance procedure is not followed, then the bacteria will continue to grow in the basin, which offers a perfect environment for it to grow. The maintenance of the mechanical parts and components is essential. Along with it, it is also important to stop any microbes from growing, which causes corrosion. Let’s have a look at the safety measures that can be taken to maintain the safety in the cooling towers:

  • The collection of debris in the tower is a continuous process and demands proper maintenance. In order to ensure the safety of the tower, it is important to clean the tower. In addition to the routine maintenance, some of the activities like the identification of mechanical errors, leakages, or broken parts, must be done to ensure proper function of the tower.
  • The water of the cooling tower must be filtered on a regular basis to clean the rubbles that get accumulated over time. This will not only clean the system but will also prevent sludge accumulation. Apart from the debris, the biological organisms and organic compounds are also eliminated which dwells in the water. This prevents the formation of any bacteria.
  • The water treatment is highly essential to prevent the corrosion. This also prohibits the formation of scales and biological contamination. The treatment of water helps maintain a suitable pH balance, reducing fouling and corrosion.
  • Consistent monitoring of the tower yields very fruitful outcome in the long run. It not only improves the performance of the system, but also enhances the quality of the water. Proper monitoring with the help of appropriate tools and machinery accomplishes the process easily.


When an industry has implemented water cooling tower, it is very important to take care of it. Along with offering great safety, it also has some hazards, which, if not maintained properly can cause havoc. Hence, cooling tower maintenance must be done religiously to make sure the tower is operational and is capable to offer cool system and safety from any fire event.

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