The List of Fascinating Gifts Meant for Teens


The most flamboyant of all age groups is the teens. The age between 13-19 years is that stage of life when goals and ambitions of life begins to take a shape. People of this group also retain that effervescence of youth at the same time they can also be called grown up. Sometimes, they talk like a mature adult while sometimes they behave like the most notorious kid. For these fascinating teens, here are some sizzling gift options that would be surely loved by them:

A Donut Shaped Mug:  A yummy and scrumptious donut is loved by all I guess. But these teens love them a bit more than rest of us. They love to be treated with colorful donuts. To wake her up for the morning school bus is a difficult job and all moms know that. Get her a donut shaped colorful mug that might just excite her to get up. From any store that deals with personalizing gifts, you can get this cute donut mug as personalized gifts in Dubai.

Emoji Slippers: Slippers meant for roaming all around the clean home can be jazzed up a bit. Get funky and colorful slippers with cute emojis printed over them. On the upcoming birthday occasion, this can be a lovely gift idea for your kids.

Set of Gel Pen: The teenage brother and sister must have all the impressive colors, whether he is solving math equation or she is imprinting a temporary tattoo on her best friend’s wrist. You can search for at least 60-75 gel pens in one set for impressing your kiddo brother or sister and keep their stock for a year full.

Inspiring Books:As teenage is the time to nurture the future goals and set the base for future aspirations, some inspiring books would be a lovely gift idea. Books like, “The spark is within you”, “Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations”, “The Code: The Five Secrets of Teen Success”, etc. can be bought. You may also go for the autobiographies of famous personalities or an encyclopedia of world’s “who’s who”.

Retro Camera: Kids or teenage people love everything trendy but they also have a great love and respect for vintage stuffs. You can get them a retro looking camera and make them happier. Who knows some of these wonderful teenage of today may become world renowned photographer!

Personalized Cushions, Bed Sheet or Blankets:Personalised Cushions, Bed sheets or blankets are prime things that can be gifted. Generally, we notice teens to be really callous about the cleanliness of their rooms and who knows if you get them a personalized bed sheet or blanket, they may start taking good care of their rooms. A personalized gift like this one would be remembered for a lifetime. Select a durable material for making the bed sheet and the fluffiest cotton for the blanket. Now get the best picture of these teens to surprise them on their special days.