Lead a healthy life to stay away from cancer


Cancer is one such disease which makes everyone cringe with fear. This is mainly because; there has been no absolute treatment for these diseases till date. Medical science has done a lot of improvements but still, they have not found out something which can completely cure that disease even if it reaches at a very critical stage.

There is a huge dilemma regarding the belief that whether cancer can be prevented or not. Well, there is no guarantee about it yet. The medical science does not have any proven way of preventing cancer yet so far. But yes, there are bits and pieces of advancement in medical sciences which can be helpful. It is said that HPV is a root cause for all the cervical cancer sufferers. This virus also has a negative effect on penis, anus, vagina and throat. If one gets vaccinated against this HPV then it will be a positive step towards preventing the throat, penile, vulvae and vaginal cancer. There are best blood cancer hospital in India and other diagnostic centres from where one can get suggestions about treatments.

Though there is no guarantee of preventing cancers but one can always lead a healthy life to stay away from any kind of major diseases. Here are some precautions to take.

The first and foremost factor that tops the list is the alcohol consumption. By drinking alcohol, one can increase the risk of cancer development in their body. It is said that those women who are non drinkers or who does not drink more than one drink per day have a very less chance of breast cancer development. But if they have a habit of gulping down three to four drinks everyday then the risk increases by one and a half percent. Excessive alcohol consumption has never been good to human health and here is another reason added to the list.

It is said that one has to be in constant routine of intense activity each day. For adults, it has to be at least 75 minutes a day and for children and teens it has to be about 50 minutes a day. One has to limit the behaviour of lying down and watching TV or playing video games all the day. One has to concentrate on eating healthy and immediately include things like fresh fruits and fresh green vegetable in their regular eating habits.

Keeping a check on your weight also means you should go for a healthy diet. People are very much fond of street food and oily food which they need to cut down on. They should include fruits on a regular basis which has high fibre contents and of course fresh and green vegetables. Whole grains and low calorie diet can always help you to lead a healthy life. It is very much needed to cut in bad and Trans fats and intake more vitamins.

The blood cancer hospital in India has proper equipments to detect the disease and treat their patients carefully.