How To Take Halotestin


Anabolic steroids are not new name in Body building industry. They are known for their results in improving vigour and stamina. Halotestin is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid that is known to provide immense strength and hard physique. It can even transcend the functions of steroidal hormone Testosterone.  In generating power, it can be said that it has no parallel. It is quick and tremendous in rendering pre competition results. According to experts it is not advisable to have a Halotestin alone cycle and they suggest taking with growth hormone.

Why taking with Growth hormones?

Growth hormone is also known as Somatoropin that promotes cell regeneration and cell reproduction in humans and animals. Why should we mingle drugs together when Halotestin alone can provide great results? To know this we should first understand the negative impacts that this drug can reflect.

  • Halo is liver toxic and can prove to damage liver on a long run.
  • 4 weeks of using Halo is common but more than that is not advisable
  • Common anabolic side effects like Nausea, vomiting, head ache, acne, oily skin, hair loss and decreased sexual interest are common with Halo also.
  • It is also claimed to be aggression provoking drug.
  • Though unlikely, sometimes it may result in mental problems like anxiety, depression and mood swings.

It is common to stack steroids with other steroids or hormonal drugs to minimise their side effects and to enhance their working capacity. The above side effects can sometimes be serious. So doctors suggest taking with growth hormone. Growth hormones regenerate cells and result in overall health of brain and other vital organs.

Benefits of HGH:

  • It promotes growth of muscle mass by accelerating protein synthesis.
  • It burns fat quickly and helps gain muscles.
  • It helps in building big quality cartilage.
  • It aids in cardio vascular health by improving lipo protein metabolism in the body.
  • Since HGH is a good cell regenerator any damage or fracture can be easily healed.  You can expect better fracture healing.
  • HGH breaks down lipids and results in the production of glycerol and free fatty acids. This helps in reduction of unnecessary fat in the body.

Though HGH has anabolic properties it is not an anabolic. So it does not have major side effects that anabolic steroids usually contain. So a combination of chemically made steroids and HGH can prove to be trial worthy to gain vigorous muscles. However there are also risks associated with this duo. So it is advisable to take professional medical help before starting to use them.