How Much Should an Ideal Courier Delivery Service Cost?


Courier delivery services are, undeniably, an inevitable necessity for facilitating the modern day and age’s requirements for convenient transportation of valuable goods. In light of the growing importance of these services, there are chances of only two outcomes. First, the courier delivery services will give each other a run for their money by way of quality services at the best prices. Second, they might charge high prices to distinguish the quality of their services from others. Therefore, as a customer, it is crucial for you to understand the clear lines of distinction between ‘How much should a Courier Delivery Service be worth’ and

‘How much you should actually pay for subscribing to them.’

Here is a compilation of common factors you should consider while deciding on the right price that should be paid for a courier delivery subscription:

An extensive research on the price chart of different Courier delivery services

You could begin with compiling a total list of the various courier delivery services in and around your area. You could then proceed to rank them in order of their service quality, service range, delivery time, and most importantly, price. This practice of comparing their price chart for similar variables involved will present a clearer picture regarding the cost-efficiency of the services.

A good method is to analyze the price involved on the basis of an average. For instance, four competent Courier Delivery Services charge $15, $18, $19 and $17 for the same service. The resultant average is $17.25; this should give you a price objective to aim for.

It is good to be careful regarding companies that offer price benefits that sound too good to be true. There are chances that some of them might result in disappointing experiences. Hence, thorough research is an absolute necessity in this regard.

The courier services implement an integration of different systems to calculate their appropriate prices. While some companies choose a ‘by the mile’ system, others may use a ‘by the job’ system for their price calculation.

The nature of the goods involved

Since Courier Delivery Services are built around the business of goods transportation, the nature of the goods-in-transit is a critical deciding factor in the service charge. The bigger and bulkier the goods, the more will be the service charge. You could calculate the appropriate price through the overweight fee. For instance, most courier delivery services charge a standard delivery price for packages below 50 pounds. Any extra weight above this mark is charged ten cents more for every additional pound.

The special delivery cases

Generally, courier delivery services are completed on a business day or within weekdays. But sometimes, there are cases for rush orders or after hours orders. These are special time deliveries that have to be completed on an urgent basis or specific hours. It is normal for courier services to charge an extra amount for these special requirements.

The extra cost of waiting charges

If you are familiar with courier services, then you must have, at some point in time, witnessed something called a waiting charge. Waiting charges is the extra cost that is charged by every extra minute a customer makes a courier wait at their doorstep, above the five minute limit. The standard charge should not go above seventy-five cents per additional minute.

Giving due consideration to these facts will help you get a basic idea regarding the appropriate price you should be paying for a particular courier delivery service. Although it is hard to put a specific price tag on services, the prices should not come across as too high or too low. Striking a balance between the quality of service and affordability are characteristics of an efficient courier delivery system.