Have an adventurous camp


Camping means a lot of adventure and those who love travelling and trekking, they always seek for these camping opportunities.

Those who live in Mumbai can get a lot of opportunities like this. There are many camping near Mumbai sites which one can look for if they are interested. Here are some options which one can try as several organisations in Mumbai are planning these trips very soon.

Malana Trek: This event is organized by the Eighty degree Adventure Sports and it will be from 15th of May to 18th of May. If one is interested, then one has to book soon with an amount of Rs 6500. Malana is a beautiful place which is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is said that those who live in Malana are the direct descendants of the Greeks and they came to India during the time when Alexader invaded the country.  This is a sacred village though and they have plenty of rules and regulations which are needed to follow here. But this place is so mesmerizing that these rules and regulations will not even matter in comparison to the experience you get. But yes, one thing has to be kept in mind that, if any rule is violated then there is a chance of heavy penalty. The trip duration for this is 4 days and the trek level is moderate as one has to cover an altitude of 12 thousand feet.

Roopkund Trek: This trek duration is from 21st May till 29th May and this trip is also organized by the Eighty Degree Adventure Sports. Those who are keen to go to this beautiful adventure can book know by paying an amount of Rs 10, 100. You can feel very excited once you decide to go in this trek as it is indeed a lifetime experience. Roopkund Lake is popularly known as the mystery lake. This six day trek takes you to this serene yet Mystery Lake. This place is at a height of 15700 feet and one can find human skeletons there which according to myth are the remnants of several people from ancient times. The scenic beauty is fantastic and one can get awestruck by it. Pme can also get a brilliant view if peaks like Ghunti, Badrinath and Trishul from there. On this nine day trekking plan the trek level is moderate and the base camp is at Lohagunj or Waan. One has to be above 16 years old o take part in this trek and everyone has to be fit enough as this is not a very easy one to go.

Kashmir Great Lakes: This starts from 8th July and ends on 15th July and one has to pay Rs 12,950 to be a part of this trek. This is the heaven on earth and one cannot miss this opportunity to trek at the lakes of Kashmir. The scenic beauty is the best.

So pack your bags and be ready to enjoy the best trek of your life.