Getting The Business Clean

Our mission is to clean!

Cleaning a commercial property is a bit different than cleaning a home. It requires a bit more attention to detail because there are customers and employees who use the building on a daily basis. When you clean the commercial property, you want to start with the larger details, working your way to the finer points that make the office or building sparkle like new.

Designate tasks to each person who will be cleaning. One person could empty all of the trash cans while another person might sweep and mop. When everyone knows what job to do, then the work will tend to go faster and in an organized fashion. While you’re cleaning the business, don’t sit back and do nothing. You need to show your team that you’re going to be a part of the business as well. This means that you need to take the trash out, clean the windows and vacuum just like everyone else.

Use mats at all of the entrances after the floors have been cleaned. Even if the entrance is from one room of the building to another, it allows for those who are walking around to have a way to wipe their feet so that there is a minimal amount of dirt and debris tracked through the building. Mats should also adhere to the floor so that they won’t move around if the floor is wet from rain or if there is a spill.

When you clean the bathrooms of a commercial property, you need to do so in a sterile manner. Disinfectant works well on the toilet seats, handles and the faucet handles. There will probably be some people who go to work sick, so you need to make sure there are fewer chances of spreading germs by keeping the bathrooms clean.

After you’ve worked on the inside, you can then move to the outside of the building. You’re going to want to save the outside for last so that you don’t track dirt and grass inside the building. A commercial pressure washing company, like Renew Crew, can come to the business to clean the exterior of the building so that it’s free of dirt and debris. This should be done on a regular basis to keep the exterior maintained. The company can also pressure wash the sidewalks and any benches or tables that are used outside so that they are as clean as possible.