Facelift surgery and what to expect from it


Facelift surgery is one of the most expensive cosmetic surgeries which people tend to get in order to reduce the visual indications of aging on the skin of the face. It involves the reduction or removal of wrinkles that occur naturally on the face due to the process of aging. The surgery is common among celebrities as visual appearance is of paramount importance to them and the industry that they work in. Facelift in itself is not a permanent solution; it just delays the visual aging just a tad bit. There comes an age when no matter what you do; the signs of aging show on the face.

What is a facelift surgery?

The basic premise of a facelift surgery is that the skin is ‘lifted’ off so that the tissues and the skin around are tightened. Once this is executed successfully, the skin is put back in its normal position so as to smoothen out the facial texture through and through.

Facelift surgery in Mumbai is probably one the best facilities across the country due to the presence of hi-end surgeons and hospitals with cutting-edge technology.

How is it done?

The procedure involves giving the person a local or general anaesthesia in order to numb the skin and rule out the feeling of any pain. Now the surgeon would perform an incision that would start from the position of the temple, circles to the ear front, the skin will then be raised, and the important part involving tissue and muscle tightening is done. A portion of skin and fat might also be removed for the process. The surgery can require you stay at the hospital for at least a day. This is mostly done as a precautionary measure involving general health check-up.

After effects of the surgery

One can look for best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai and visit websites like PSTakecare for the same. After the surgery is done, the patient is then bandaged up. This will be removed a day or two later. The stitches made at the sight of the incisions are removed five to ten days later. The skin would probably feel numb after the procedure and might also feel strange to the one operated, but one must be prepared to feel so. The process of healing can take as much as 2 to 3 weeks and the person should avoid smoking to speed the process of healing.

Having a facelift does not mean that one has stopped the process of aging but it can surely make the skin look years younger. To find the best cosmetic surgeon in a particular region for the process, one can visit PSTakeCare. The face lifting treatment can be quite expensive as it would include the costs of operation, surgeon’s fee, medicines, office visits, and other services and materials. The cost of cosmetic surgeries like these is not included under insurance by companies either. The decision for such a surgery should be carefully considered and only a reputed surgeon should be chosen to avoid the risks involved in the surgery.

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