How to Design Custom Socks


Custom socks with a motif or a pattern are created by a sock manufacturer. It’s superior to select a specialist who operates with best machines. Select for woven socks if you like class. Have faith on us; everyone’s feet will be relieved if the socks are woven. Also, you will have the awesome outcomes if your pattern is completely woven in the sock. Then it’s also feasible to have a design.

Very firstly choose your design. It’s feasible to weave your design in the sports scarf knitting machine if it’s not too comprehensive. Small lines or silhouettes may be tougher. You have to give guidance to a resourced person if you desire to figure out if your design can be woven. We always check the design to discover if it’s able to weave it. By that, you have to have knowledge that the width of our measured pair of socks is 168 stitches. This means that 1 side has 84 stitches. The length relies on your size. Depend on the stitches; we interpret your design into the pixels.

We make the production once your design is moved into our program. The shades of your design are being coordinated with the thread shades. This means that every shade is within our reach, as long as there is a coordinating thread shade. The toes, heel, and ankle can have another plain shade. If the thread shade is selected, the machine can be worked out. Your design or pattern is digitally shifted into the machine. The machine weaves the sock in a few seconds. We always perform a sample first to inspect if it’s okay. The shades and the outcome of the design are being looked over. If we accept the sample, we can shift on to full manufacturing. After the manufacture, the socks are finished physically. The top is being suspended nicely.

Kind of Custom Socks: Depending on your style, you have the chance to produce quality socks which are longer, short socks, comfortable socks or sport socks. For every season, you can generate your own pair of socks.

Besides the chances to weave socks, you can also select for controlling print or embroidery. We always counsel to weave your socks since of the standard and the appropriate result. It’s feasible to embroider a design on socks. With embroidery, it’s not able to have a design. That basically means you can do multifarious embroideries on a sock to have a pattern, but that would be very awkward for your feet and it will cost you an asset. An apt output is to weave your socks. Don’t select for a sublimation print on socks. If we have to be direct and open: it’s unattractive and bad-quality. Your feet would be in despair we think.

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