Danabol DS – Helps You Get the Right Gain


Many types of steroids have been used by people of the sports fraternity to gain muscle weight. Danabol DS is a one of such an anabolic steroid that has used for this purpose.  It is a brand name of the popular drug Dianabol or Methandrostenolone that has been used for this purpose. In fact, it is a drug which had been solely created for its performance enhancing role. Since their introduction in this time, they have been used by athletes and bodybuilders for decades. It is important to understand the different effects of the drug and dosage before taking a final decision.

Danabol DS

Dianabol is a part of the regime that has been exploited by many of the different strata of the athletic community. It is marketed under different names like blue hearts, Methandrostenolone, Danabol DS or Dbol by different companies. It was created by Dr Zeiger to give an advantage to the American team against their U.S.S.R competition in the market.  It is due to the reason that it has been exploited to have an increase in the muscle mass in the body and a particular favourite in the body building community. The different caratteristiche (or features) makes it such a popular drug in the community.  In fact, it is one of the most common steroid that has been used for predominantly in the oral form for this purpose.

The drug is a steroid which is chemically similar to the testosterone hormone that is present in the body. The two modifications in the structure of the steroid make it more potent. There is a double bond in the carbon two and three positions along with an alkylation at the 17th carbon atom of the steroid.  these different modifications makes it a more effective anabolic drug for use.

 Effects of Danabol

The drug is chemically similar to the Dianabol, and it has similar effects. It leads to an increase in the nitrogen content in the body along with the  the rate of protein synthesise. It is due to this, a mutual increase in the nitrogen and protein it causes it an increase in the muscle of the body.  It increases the glycogenolysis too by stimulating the androgen receptors in the body. The modification in the structure of the steroid reduces the androgenic property of it scoring 40-60 against the androgenic scale in comparison to the testosterone which scores 100. It is due to this reason that it causes effective gain due to anabolic effect. The alkylation of the 17th carbon makes the steroid resistant to degradation in the blood.

Effective methods to obtain this steroid

 The real Danabol DS is effective in making muscle gain in the boy.  People normally use it in the range of 10mg-100mg for a period of four to six weeks. It can cause significant changes in the body when bought in original form which changes the user’s caratteristiche. There are different steroid forms that are available from various suppliers in UK and Canada. These drugs follow the prescribed norms and are not substandard or fake.  If you want to purchase this drug from the black market then it is important to understand the source which you are purchasing to prevent the use of counterfeit products.