What are the benefits of Slow Movement training according to Hillel Krauss?


Most people are of the opinions that training faster will help you to get a lot of benefits, however, training slow, at a proper pace, will also help you to get a number of benefits. Getting trained at the right pace, will help you enjoy the benefits of proper fitness training. Exercising with some sort of music is also a good idea, because you can set the music at the right tempo and get yourself trained accordingly.

There are many benefits of slow movement training and if you are really interested to know more about them, then you can go through the list given below:

  • Training slow helps you to get a greater range of motion, as compared to fast training. If you closely watch someone, who is lifting weights quickly, you will see that, they are stopping before they actually reach the full extension of a shoulder press. Thus, they are returning back to the starting position, completing only half of the bicep curls. If you really want to execute the exercise in its totality, it is important to complete it slowly. This will help in stimulating the muscle fibers.
  • Slow movement training requires a lot of focus and concentration. Researches prove that even if you think about doing a bicep curl, the strength of your biceps is considerably increased. If you are able to combine your body power, with your brain power, then you will be able to achieve great heights of success.
  • When you are rapidly lifting weights, then a lot of energy is required to transfer from the exercise that you have already completed to the exercise, that you are about to begin. This energy transfer is called the momentum. It is better to slow down because this will help you to use muscles rather than using the momentum.
  • If you rapidly move with heavy weights then the chances of strains, muscle pulls and sprains are higher as compared to slow training.
  • By slowing down your training movements, the muscles will remain contracted and will also remain under tension. This will help in a dramatic improvisation of the muscle strength because, if the muscles remain in tension for a higher period of time, then the strength of the muscles is sure to increase.

Hillel Krauss strongly believes that slow movement training is immensely beneficial for an individual, and when you are doing any type of training, it is immensely important to do it at the right pace. Doing this in the right pace, will help you enjoy the benefits of proper fitness training.

Hillel Krauss himself believes a lot in the advantages of proper fitness training, and therefore suggests people to get involved in the slow movement training. The Slow movement training helps an individual to have a healthy body. He rightly says that slow movement training is always a better option as compared to the fast paced training. It is always better to do good quality training, in order to enjoy its advantages.