Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The E-commerce Game


E-Commerce is a raging trend, with millions of sellers competing with each other in the online space. The challenge is to beat others and grab the attention of the shoppers out there. Having an e-commerce store that serves something out of the ordinary is a good idea. Clearly, the entire emphasis is on taking up a customer-centric approach, with the sole motive of catering exceptional user experience on the business store. For this reason, most businesses look for companies that take the level of e-commerce store development services a notch higher.

Application of innovative technologies is something that can take the online stores beyond the ordinary. Amongst the technologies that are polishing the industry is Artificial Intelligence. There are many ways in which the technology can add value to the shopping experience of these stores. The same applies to m-commerce too as it has now become an indispensable element of the industry. Magento is a platform that supports the integration of the AI technology in e-commerce stores and mobile apps, which makes it perfect for creating ones with high engagement and conversion rates.

Role Of High-End UX On E-Commerce Stores And Mobile Apps
Online stores and mobile apps are like the two sides of a coin; both are critical to the success and growth of e-commerce businesses. The most important aspect is the user experience both of them serve as it not only generates customer satisfaction but brings in their loyalty too, which is more significant amongst the two. The first aspect of serving amazing UX is to create apps and stores that excel in design, navigation, and loading speed. This is something that businesses can trust a reputed magento store development company for.

Experienced Magento developers can create stores that are designed for delivering optimal user experiences. However, the idea is to extend beyond the conventional design and navigation features. This is possible only by adopting disruptive technologies as part of the development project. The implementation of AR, VR, location-based services, and wearable technology is an example of the shopping experiences being taken beyond the ordinary. Besides these, AI is perhaps the most widely accepted ways to elevate the level of UX for both Magento stores and apps.

How is AI elevating the online shopping experiences?
AI is becoming the mainstay of exceptional shopping experiences on online stores and mobile applications. Here is how the technology is altering the e-commerce landscape:

Conversational Commerce With Smart Virtual Assistants
AI has manifested itself in the form of smart virtual assistants, popularly known as chatbots. These are AI-powered programs that provide a conversational interface for the shoppers who can chat with them as they do with human assistants. Moreover, they are likely to take over the human customer support function in the near future as they are capable of analyzing the user behavior using deep learning and speech recognition.

Visual Search Make Shopping Simpler Than Ever Before
Another form that AI makes itself used for the industry is through visual searches. As the name suggests, visual search refers to looking for specific products by sharing their images on the e-commerce or m-commerce store. Apps empowered with visual search feature can facilitate sharing of images clicked using the smartphone camera. The application then uses machine learning to search similar products online and return suggestions to the shopper looking for them.

Predictive Analysis Craft Personalized Experiences
Artificial Intelligence implements the algorithmic approach to analyze and correlate the user data for understanding their preferences and behavior patterns. Based on this analysis, they can predict their future decisions of the shoppers and provide them personalized product recommendations and offers. Shopping experiences not only become tailored according to the customer preferences but the chances of conversion increase manifold.

Seeing the extensive benefits of AI, most of the e-commerce experts recommend making the technology a part of Magento E-commerce Apps Development. However, it involves a great deal of complexity and requires an investment of time and money as well. The best way to go is to hire Magento specialists who can harness the technology and use it to the best advantage.