7 Ideas to Celebrate your First Valentines Day After Your Marriage


Every year on 14th February, the entire world seems to be super excited because this day gives you a special opportunity to express your love for your partner. And if you are celebrating your first Valentines Day after your marriage, then you just can’t keep calm till the day arrives. A lot of things pops into your mind which you would want to do with your life partner on your first Valentines Day as husband and wife. Right? So, if you are pondering upon how should you celebrate your Valentines day after marriage then check out the following list:

Spend the Time Together

No matter what you do on your first Valentines day, just make sure you are spending the time with your life partner. Whether you choose to stay at home for the entire day or go outside for some activities, it is really important to spend some quality time with your partner. This will mark a special beginning in your married life.

Join a Dance Class Together

Since it’s your first Valentines day as a married couple, you should try to do something new that you would remember for a lifetime. Joining a dance class together can infuse more love and romance into your married life. Also, daily you can spend some refreshing time with your partner after a hectic day.

A Surprise Gift for Your Valentine

Valentines Day is just incomplete without gifts for the love of your life. Although you can choose a Valentine gift for your husband or for your wife and give them directly but planning a surprise for your partner will be more adorable. For example, you can propose your partner again on a date with a beautiful ring or you can send him/her flowers suddenly or prepare a delicious meal for your partner.

A Romantic Getaway

If you want to do something special on y our first Valentines Day, then going out for a vacation with your life partner will be really a wonderful experience. This way you can express your feelings to your partner in a more romantic way and create some magical memories together.

Take a Long Drive Together

Why not take your valentine to a long drive? If you and your partner both like long drives then Valentines Day offers you a great opportunity to execute your plan. You can make your long drive even special with your favorite collection of songs and some delicious food.

A Candlelight Dinner

A dinner date on a rooftop decorated and illuminated with candles is just a perfect way to celebrate your first Valentines Day after your marriage. First of all, a candlelight dinner creates a very cozy environment and make the date more special. Secondly, a glass of wine with some delicious food can infuse more happiness in your date.

Late Night Movie Plans

If you and your partner both love watching movies then nothing would be more awesome than going on a movie date together on Valentines Day. But, if it’s your first Valentines after your marriage, then collect your favorite movies, prepare some popcorn, bring some snacks, switch the light off, and watch movies with your partner until late night. This will truly bring you closer with your partner.

These are some of the things that you can do with your life partner on your first Valentines Day after your marriage. So, go ahead to infuse more love into your newly married life this Valentines Day by creating some unforgettable memories with your partner.