2015 property market update-tips for investors


The New Year brings many new choices as far as the realty sector is concerned. Everyone is out there to avail every single opportunity that crosses their path. Nobody looks to waste their money on short term benefits and everyone seeks nothing less than an investment. With passing year the trends and methods of investment change. Even 2015 has brought a number of changes as far as investment in properties is concerned.

For all those aspiring to invest in property in 2015, these are some guidelines on how to make the right purchases in the coming year.

Since, Mumbai is one of the cities that is booming with opportunities and also with the increasing migration rate the realty sectors is full of choices as well. All these new residential projects in Mumbai are worth your time money and energy.

2015 is a year that demands investment in cities like Mumbai. For investing in some property, you can either go directly or purchase it, of course only after you have done an in depth investigation about the developer and the land on which the building or house is built.

If you are keen on buying flat in Mumbai and for some reason you do not have the required amount of money with you, you should definitely consider investing using home loan. The idea may seem a little out of our conventional methods but definitely works in our favour.

Many new residential projects are springing all over Mumbai especially Dahisar area, Airoli and Mulund. Buying flat in Mumbai is not much of a hassle, with the new technology such as housing and real estate websites, one can easily sit at home and choose their desired property in their comfort zone. You can go ahead and make that property your dream home by considering investing using home loan.

People who choose to take that option are welcomed by a number of tax benefits, for instance, our country’s constitution allows a certain amount of liquidity to all the home loans takers as far as the principle amount is concerned, it states that only a sum of 1 lac shall be deducted from the annual income of the home loan taker. Now isn’t that relieving!

Investing using home loan is great idea but you should always compare home loan given by various banks. Each bank has its own perks and principles regarding their home loan policy, choose the best out of them. When one goes out to compare home loan every bank will try to sell their policy to you, but you need to be smart enough to choose the one that suits your conditions.

Buying flat in Mumbai shall be a great investment as it has a lot of benefits as far as commuting, work opportunities, standards of living and other amenities are concerned. One should not let such an opportunity go just because of the current financial constraints. Investing using home loan should be considered and also one should definitely compare home loan policy of different banks before taking it.

These are certain tips that will take you closer to your dream home with all the extra benefits. You need not worry about the rise in interest rates in the amount that you took as a loan, because due to the dynamic economic policy the interest rates keep changing and most probably they will all help you save a lot of money too! This because the interest that one pays is not very different from the principle amount that one took as the home loan.

Living in a rented flat and paying through your nose is far worse than taking a home loan and paying decent amount of interest rates (only if you have been regular with your payment). That will eventually be paid and the satisfaction of living in your own home is beyond imagination, the security and comfort that follow are inexplicable too!

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